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Comparing wood pellets and sunflower

Sunflower pellets are the biomass closest to wood pellets, making them one of the best options as fuel for pellet stoves and boilers for industrial and domestic use . Here is a list of reflections on the similarities and differences between the two types:

  • the net calorific value of sunflower pellets is close to that of wood pellets: it starts from 17.0 GJ (corresponding to 4.72 KW or 4,063 Kcal) per MT and in some cases can reach up to 18.0 GJ (corresponding to 5.0 KW or 4,302 Kcal) per MT;
  • the ash content is at the level of 2.6-3.0% which is slightly higher than the ash content of wood pellets for industrial use;
  • in most cases, the sulphur content can be slightly higher than 0.2%, slightly higher than that accepted for wood pellets;
  • the density (and therefore the specific weight) is slightly lower than that of wood pellets;
  • appearance is dark/black, almost always less shiny and richer in powder than wood pellets. This condition, not necessarily negative, is due to a lower percentage of lignin, responsible for the pelletizing process;
  • in some situations sunflower pellets, among other things like some wood pellets, produce hard residues. A skilled user can manage this trend by optimizing the boiler combustion parameters;

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